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Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone
Five Nights at Freddy's is the popular fun-dark and clicky-horror game series about Freddy and his friends, the animatronics robots, who need to complete all of the pizzeria's missions.
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Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone

Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone

Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone
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Five Nights at Freddy's» Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone

Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone


Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone is an online multiplayer snake game. You must eat as much food as possible to become the largest snake on the field. It seems simple enough. The game's worms were modeled after real insects. They look like garden worms. To get started, place a piece of newspaper near your Slitherio console. You can also place the paper on your desk. Place your forehead on the ground by bending down to your knees. Inhale deeply and close your eyes. Imagine that you are playing alongside every pupil. You can play this game anywhere, anytime, with anyone, and in any circumstance. Even if you don't have the space to play the games in your home, this game can still be played. Slitherio is a game that you can play with someone else. Before you join their game, ask them questions. Have fun!

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- Earn gold coins and gems for completing daily and calendar tasks;

- Collect unique skins;

- Improve your skills, collect bonuses and upgrade your worms;

- Participate in themed and secret events with unique gifts and tasks;

- The snake casual game can be played online and offline.


- Move the MOUSE or your finger to direct the worm around the arena

- Press the space bar or touch the screen to SPRINT

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