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Running Bot
Five Nights at Freddy's is the popular fun-dark and clicky-horror game series about Freddy and his friends, the animatronics robots, who need to complete all of the pizzeria's missions.
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Running Bot

Running Bot

Running Bot

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Running Bot


Running Bot is an engaging and fun running game where you control a robot to run as far as possible, avoiding obstacles, and collecting as many powerups and points as you can.

Robots can now be friends with humans because they spend so much time with them. This game will allow you to guide a robot through hazards such as trees and boulders, while also collecting holiday gifts that will boost your robot's health. You can also get Christmas presents while you are out shopping. You can build shields and magnets to increase your survival chances. Push yourself to the limits if you want to break a personal record or climb up the leaderboard. Would you accept the challenge? You can forget about your serious side and just have a good time.

This game can be played with anyone of any age. You must run as fast as possible to climb the ranks and set personal records.


  • Interesting and enjoyable gameplay

  • Several obstacles and boosts

  • Continuous movement



  • Swipe left or right to move
  • Swipe up to jump


  • Press left or right arrow keys to move
  • Press up arrow key to jump
  • Press Space bar to replay the game
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