Five Nights at Freddy's
Granny Horror
Five Nights at Freddy's is the popular fun-dark and clicky-horror game series about Freddy and his friends, the animatronics robots, who need to complete all of the pizzeria's missions.
Five Nights at Freddy's
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Granny Horror

Granny Horror

Granny Horror

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Five Nights at Freddy's» Granny Horror

Granny Horror


Help your hero escape from a creepy hospital in Granny Horror. However, this will not be a simple task since there is a deadly murderer who might be hiding behind any corner. Make every effort to stay away from him. When opening doors, you should make an effort to sneak a glance behind them first since he might be standing immediately behind the door. As soon as he becomes aware of you, he will put an end to your life relatively immediately, and you will be required to restart the game from the very beginning. Take your time and move carefully.


- Arrows / WASD = move

- Mouse = view

- Space = jump

- Shift = run

- E = open doors

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