Five Nights at Freddy's
Funny Shooter 2
Five Nights at Freddy's is the popular fun-dark and clicky-horror game series about Freddy and his friends, the animatronics robots, who need to complete all of the pizzeria's missions.
Five Nights at Freddy's
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Five Nights At Freddy's
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Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2
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Five Nights at Freddy's» Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2


Funny Shooter 2 is an internet game in which you can battle funny enemies. Go to their website to play the game. They can form large armies with axes, pans, and other weapons when they attack. You will need various weapons to eliminate the strange creatures trying to invade your house. Funny Shooter 2 offers a more difficult campaign mode. You'll meet new enemies at each difficulty level. Some enemies are very dangerous; others could prove to be extremely effective. Each stage will have a dangerous enemy that you must overcome. The money earned from completing missions can be used to enhance your character and to purchase weapons from the shop. You can unlock many different trophies in Funny Shooter 2. You can find a lot of them in this game. You can also make a profit. This trip will be very enjoyable.


- Beautiful 3D graphics and fluid gameplay
- There are a variety of strange foes to shoot and kill.
- Weapons and modifications may be purchased from the store.
- You must meet specific accomplishment thresholds to get gold prizes.

How To Play

- Mouse = look around
- WASD = movement
- W + Shift = run
- Space = jump
- Left Mouse Button = shoot
- Right Mouse Button (Hold) = aim
- Mouse wheel = next/leading weapon
- 1-7 = weapon hotkeys
- R = reload
- G = throw a grenade
- T = inspect the weapon
- E = remove / remove weapon

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